GiG 2022 is scheduled for April 21-24. Stay safe and hug those hounds!


Welcome to the new Pricing Page! We want you to know up front what your costs may be and why, so that when you register, you can easily and quickly know exactly what you want to do. Please scroll down to see our offerings, then get registering!

The good news is that we are keeping our registration cost the same as last year, but you may ask...

WHY REGISTER AT ALL? Keep in mind:

(1) We are fund raising and every penny of profit is used for greyhound transport, rehabilitation if necessary, and adoption. No one helping to coordinate this event gets paid; we're all volunteers, working to provide you the best event possible.

(2) Renting the Allstar Center is very expensive, and without registrations, we would not be able to do it. Your comfort is important to us and being inside is the ultimate for our event.

(3) The other events, food trucks, speakers, off leash play area, etc., all cost extra money and we can only offer these things to you because of the registrations and sponsorships we receive.

(4) We do allow you to come into the Allstar without a registration to shop or participate in our raffles and games, but you will not be able to listen to the speakers or attend the Sunrise Symposium or other events without a registration bracelet.

Literally, without your registrations, we have no event. So please register, and help us make this the best GiG ever!


is $35/person and includes a swag bag stuffed with goodies!

 If you don't want a swag bag, registration is $30/person

KENT ROBERTS' OFFICIAL T-SHIRT design will be whimsical and Covid-inspired, and those shirts will be $30 each (we will post the design as soon as we get it). Pricing is the same for all the event shirts, no matter the size.

BILL'S GAMES on Thursday night will be our get-to-know-you event, complete with prizes. We will be asking $5 per family to participate, and at the end of the night, the grand prize will be 2 free GiG Registrations for 2023 and half of the proceeds collected. This is always a really fun event, during which people make new friends and greet veterans to help make their weekend even better.

The FRIDAY NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA will be another packed event, with food, live music, greyhound interactive games, and contests. We are asking $15 per person. There will be a cash bar available.

The GRAB 'N GO BREAKFAST on Sunday morning was super-popular, so we are going to offer it again this year, but we will be asking $3 per person to offset some of those costs. The tentative menu will be a breakfast sandwich, fruit, yogurt, and juice (we reserve the right to change it, but if we do, it will be for the better!).