Greyhounds in Gettysburg 2015 Schedule

Note: The planning for 2016 is still in progress. The following is the Greyhounds in Gettysburg 2015 schedule:

Event Long Activities

Allstar Family Fun Center Games  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
From Noon to 6pm of Friday and Saturday, a-la-carte tickets are available for the following activities:
  • Laser Tag - $9/30 minutes, $12/45 minutes
  • Go Karts - $7/ride
  • Mini Golf - $5/round
Doggie Daycare  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
We will have supervised doggie daycare during vending hours on both Friday (hosted by Hound Sanctuary) and Saturday (hosted by SHUG), donations are appreciated and muzzles are required. The Daycare will be held in the old batting cage directly behind the Allstar Building. We will provide water bowls, blankets, and there's shelter in there in case of hot sun. We are asking that you limit your babysitting time to 3 hours
Off Leash Play Area  more...
Sponsored by: K9Grass
We will have a large fenced area in the open field behind the Allstar Family Fun Center for off-leash play, and it will be open the entire weekend for your enjoyment.

Because the area will not be supervised at all times, we will be posting rules and then periodically monitoring the space to be sure that people are being considerate.

Your greyhound/galgo/sighthound MUST be muzzled at all times in that area. Bring your muzzle with you. We will have a few extras but don't count on that. If you have a dog other than a greyhound, they should be muzzled if they will be in with the greyhounds. Short-nosed breeds will not be able to wear a muzzle of course, so you will need to be extra careful. You must stay with your dog at all times and pay attention to his/her behavior. No bullying will be allowed and if you notice that the area is very crowded, it may be best to come back at a different time.

There will be set hours for small dogs; please look at the sign that will be hanging on the fence and respect their time to play. Small dogs will not be required to wear muzzles.

And it goes without saying -- clean up after your dog. There will be hundreds of poop bags around; please use them.
Poop Stations  more...
We will have several dog walk areas around the outside of the hotel that will be cleaned on a regular basis. You will be given poop bags with your registration, but there will also be rolls of them everywhere.

Please, please clean up after your dog(s). This is vitally important if we are to be welcomed back. Also, please try to walk your dogs outside so they do their business before coming into the Expo Center and/or hotel. We will have clean-up crews but they can't be everywhere at once.

We're depending on you to pay attention to what your dog is doing. If you are staying at another hotel, and you see someone else being inconsiderate, please clean up after them. We want to leave only a good impression no matter where we are in town.
Houndstooth Pet Dental  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Houndstooth Pet Dental, Non-Anesthetic Pet Teeth Cleaning will have a clinic at GiG. If you would like an appointment, email their office at (subject should be: 'GIG appt needed'. The fee is $150-$160 depending on the oral condition. Payment is check or cash and appointments take 20-30 minutes. If you are thinking you might want to have this done, contact them soon to make sure you get your appointment! Go to their website for more information about this anesthetic free teeth cleaning, it's amazing.


Start End Activity
Shopping/Vendors 11:00am 2:00pm Super Shopper Extravaganza!  more...
@The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg
  We'll meet at the Outlet Shoppes again this year for a day of special deals just for us. A goodie bag, refreshments, and other surprises. Most of the stores will allow your fur-babies inside, so it should be a great day of shopping for everyone!
Shopping/Vendors 2:00pm 5:00pm The In-Town Gettysburg Experience  more...
@Downtown Gettysburg
  The downtown merchants will again roll out the red carpets, water bowls, and special deals for us. Check back here for any special deals that will be provided. We're still working on that.
Food 5:30pm 7:00pm Hogs 'n Dogs Welcome Reception & Free Raffle  more...
@Battlefield Harley-Davidson
Sponsored by: Battlefield Harley-Davidson
  Hosted by The Greyhound Way.

Those of you who have attended this in the past know that it is a fantastic, relaxed, fun event with free hotdogs and drinks for all attendees. We also have a free raffle during our social; everyone gets one raffle ticket and a chance to win a prize from a local business.
Social Events 8:00pm   Ghosts and Fire; Blessings and Celebrations  more...
@Eisenhower Hotel Front Lawn
  Hosted by Dudley Doing Right.

We noticed last year that it was very dark getting to the fire ring so this year we'll light up the path with luminaries dedicated to our loved ones. If you have pre-ordered a luminary, it will be there when you get there, blank and ready for whatever names you care to inscribe on them. We'll provide the coloring materials and luminaries; you provide the artwork! Luminaries will also be available for purchase when you arrive (while supplies last) for $5 each.

When finished, you may take them with you in remembrance. We will also take time during our event to do a short Celebration of Life.

Gettysburg Mayor Bill Troxell will be joining us for a Welcome to Gettysburg and the Blessing of the Hounds, which will occur at around 9:00pm.

There will be a Moon Howl for all those dearly departed at 9:15pm.


Start End Activity
Social Events 8:15am 10:15am Battlefield Walk  more...
  Meet at 8:15am at the National Cemetery Parking Lot (the old Cyclorama Center Parking Lot) at 300 Taneytown Road. The walk will leave promptly at 8:30am and head south on Hancock Avenue passing the equestrian monument of General George Gordon Meade. Then to the Angle to hear the story of Longstreet's Assault, and visit the High Water Mark Monument at the Clump of Trees. From there, the walk will head to where the Vermonters flanked the Confederates during Pickett's Charge. A brief stop at the 13th Vermont monument will be next. The last stop will be at the Pennsylvania Memorial.
Social Events 10:00am 4:00pm Check-in  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
  If you pre-registered, you may check in with us (at any time) where you will receive your Premium Bag, tickets, and other goodies. We will divide by alphabet this year so hopefully you won't have to wait in line. Day of registration is also avalable.

We can't guarantee the availability of banquet tickets, event t-shirts, or Premium Bags and goodies unless they are pre-ordered, so please consider pre-registering to lock in your goodies.

We will have new GiG logo merchandise this year as well, besides our annual Kent Robert t-shirts! In addition, our custom-made event Martingale collars will be available at the Nittany Store table.
Shopping/Vendors 10:00am 4:00pm Vendor Shopping  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
  Look for 70 vendors selling everything canine-related! Some old favorites and some new friends will be joining us so please patronize our wonderful merchants! Be aware, shopping closes promptly at 4pm
Seminars 11:00am 11:45am Mr. Buck's Genuinely Good Pet Food & the Greyhound Boarding & Retirement Camp -- The Back Story John Kitto  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  John Kitto will tell us about how he went from greyhound owner to dog food manufacturer to keeper of the Camp! A fantastic story and one you won't want to miss!
Social Events Noon 4:00pm General Raffle Opens  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
  Raffle tickets will be on sale throughout the event. The raffle "bags" will open for tickets at noon on Friday.

This is a raffle featuring great vendor prizes. Prize numbers will be drawn and posted at the raffle table at 2pm on Saturday. You will have until 5pm on Saturday to pick up your prizes.

You may pre-order raffle tickets with your pre-registration and your tickets will be available when you check in. We will be accepting Visa/MasterCard/Discover for the purchase of raffle tickets.
Seminars Noon 12:45pm The Sighthound Underground -- from the Middle East and Beyond Michael Owens  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Michael Owens highlights her rescue efforts with Galgos, Salukis, and other sighthounds from Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Spain, and Korea
Seminars 1:00pm 1:45pm What Does Your Yard Look Like? Ken Karmie  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Ken Karmie, K9Grass Brand Manager, ForeverLawn, has a solution for that age-old problem of homes with multiple hounds -- MUD! ForeverLawn is joining us this year with an answer to the question, "What in the world do you put on the greyhound raceway in the yard?" It's not just Astroturf anymore!
Seminars 1:45pm 2:30pm The Dog Stays in the Picture: How My Greyhound Helped Me Cope With My Empty Nest Susan Morse  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Susan Morse, our newest American greyhound author, will do a lively, short reading from her new book, complete with a book signing at the end. Books will be available for purchase at the Nittany store throughout the weekend. See the flyer for more information.
Seminars 2:30pm 3:15pm Current State of Affairs in Spain  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  The staff of the Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert, traveling here all the way from Seville, Spain, will enlighten us on the current state of affairs for Galgos and other sighthounds in Spain. Learn of the latest lobbying efforts to change a centuries old culture in this country with so many proud hunters and their packs.
Social Events 4:00pm 5:15pm Reception for Adoption Groups  more...
@Eisenhower Hotel Edwardian Room
  Hosted by The Greyhound Project for the staff and volunteers of adoption groups.

Conversation topics for this reception include:
  • A brief recap of National Adopt-A-Greyhound Month
  • Initial results of the current survey sent to adoption groups
  • Meet the Editor of Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine
Social Events 5:30pm   Pre-Banquet Reception  more...
@Eisenhower Hotel Pool Terrace
  A social gathering for all (not just those attending the banquet). A cash bar will be available and dogs are welcome. Chill out and have a drink!
Food 6:00pm   Banquet  more...
@Eisenhower Hotel Grand Ballroom
  There will be only a few banquet tickets available the day of the event. If you want to attend, guarantee your ticket by pre-registering.

There will not be an auction this year in favor of a second raffle at The Brew and The Grey event.

There will be doggie babysitting from 5:30pm to 8pm near the ballroom, signs will be posted. Hosted by God's Greyts (Donations are appreciated).


Start End Activity
Seminars 8:30am 10:30am Art Workshop Linda Evans  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Cafeteria
  Linda will again offer both beginning and advanced instruction in her style of painting. You will begin with a basic design and add your spin on it. She will also offer some advanced technique styles for those of you who may have participated in the past. The session has limited attendance and available for pre-registration only. It always sells out!
Social Events 9:00am 4:00pm Check-in and Raffle Continues  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
  Pre-registrants can check in at this time where you will get all the items you registered for. If the line is long, feel free to shop and try again later.

Raffle tickets will be sold and can be put into bags for a chance at winning great prizes donated by our vendors.
Shopping/Vendors 9:00am 4:00pm Vendor Shopping
@Allstar Family Fun Center
Social Events 9:00am 9:45am Agility & Fun Dog Game Demonstrations  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Off Leash Play Area
  Join Petra Postma and Jenn Lee for a fun, early morning romp and demonstration of how you and your grey really can do agility and obedience training together!
Social Events 9:45am   Costume Contest & Parade  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
  Hosted by Italian Greyhounds in Gettysburg

Put on your best costume; dress up the hounds, and come to the Activities Area for a line-up. We'll parade around the Expo Hall at 10am and end up at the Off Leash Play area for judging in several categories: Best Military Theme; Most Amusing; Most Creative; and Best of the Rest.

There will be a $50 cash prize for the best in each category.
Social Events 10:30am   Stupid Greyhound Tricks  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Does your hound do something special? Show it off for a cash prize!
Seminars 11:00am 11:15am A Farewell to Nigel  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Neil Brogan, writer, web master, and greyhound advocate, will bid a fond farewell to Nigel, an icon, advocate, and beloved hound, known to thousands throughout the world for his funny and heartwarming antics. Neil will also talk briefly about his efforts and the state of the greyhound union.
Seminars 11:30am 12:30pm 8,000 Shades of Grey Dennis Tyler  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Dennis Tyler, Greyhound Advocate and Superstar, from Melbourne, Florida, will join us this year for an update on the Florida legislation, life at the track, and the possible future of greyhound racing.
Seminars 12:45pm 1:45pm The Amazing World of Blood Tests: Think They're Not Important? Think Again! Dr. Fred Metzger  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Dr. Fred Metzger, Metzger Animal Hospital, will discuss with us what all those tests tell us and why they are so critical to your hound's health.
Seminars 1:45pm 2:45pm What's New in Greyhound Medicine Dr. Guillermo Couto  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Dr. Guillermo Couto, Superstar of the Greyhound Medical World, will enlighten us about what's going on in the world of greyhound health and medicine. He will also tell us about the latest programs being established with The Greyhound Health Initiative and what great benefits you can receive with membership and how you can join.
Social Events 2:00pm   General Raffle Ticket Winners Posted  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center
  Winning numbers will be posted on the wall above the raffle prizes. You will have until 4pm to pick up your prize(s).
Seminars 2:45pm 3:45pm Dog Superfoods: Fighting Off Chemicals & Chronic Disease with Diet Megan Sanchez  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
  Megan Sanchez, dog nutritionist and behavior modification expert from Altoona, PA, will discuss with us the latest research in pet food issues. She will also talk about how we can improve our hound's health using diet, supplements, and other canine super foods.

Megan is an honors graduate of the Animal Behavior College and now a Mentor Trainer for the school’s curriculum. She holds certifications through ABC as a certified dog trainer, pet sitter/dog walker, pet nutrition and diet, conducting private lessons, and shelter dog training. Committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to clients’ pet needs, she avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending seminars, expos, and keeping current on all industry literature. When not helping clients relish easier lives with their canine companions, she enjoys time with her two dogs in the outdoors.
Social Events 5:00pm   Private Reception for Sponsors, Speakers and Special Guests
@The Brew and The Grey Tent
Social Events 5:00pm   GiG Family Photo  more...
@Allstar Family Fun Center Lake
  Come join us out by the lake for our annual family photo. Steve from Crackerdog Photography will again attempt to capture the essence of this event in one big happy take!
Food 6:00pm 9:00pm The Brew & The Grey  more...
@The Brew and The Grey Tent
Sponsored by: Metzger Animal Hospital
  Sampling Event

Join us for this new, fun and relaxing evening under the stars in the big tent by the lake! We will feature six local wineries and breweries, who will offer tastings and some sales of their products. GiG pre-registrants will receive 5 free sampling tickets and more tickets will be able to be purchased at the event for $1 per ticket.

Our participants so far include Adams County Winery, Brewery Products, Hauser Estate Winery, High Rock Winery, Battle Field Brew Works, and Naylor Vineyards. The wineries will be selling their products by the bottle; the breweries will have their products available at the cash bar that will be set up in the pavilion next door. Also, we will have a "soda and water" station, at which you can use a ticket to get a non-alcoholic drink.

There will be a barbeque dinner available for purchase, hosted by the Eisenhower Hotel, and a cash bar for other drink purchases.

RAFFLE: We will feature our high-end art raffle during this event, with raffle tickets available for purchase at the event. These tickets will be $2 each and winning tickets will be pulled at 8pm. You don't need to be present to win but a phone number on your tickets will be required and you will have 2 hours to pick up your prize or it will be forfeited.

A musician will entertain us from 6pm to 9pm, and there will be other surprises too!

Ice Cream Social: This year we'll feature "people" ice cream for both you and your hound! This event will be hosted by Greyt Expectations, and donations would be appreciated for their effort. This will be set up outside of the tent (weather permitting).


Start End Activity
Social Events 8:00am 10:00am Blur of Fur Speed Run  more...
@Off Leash Play Area
  Think you've got the fastest hound? Maybe the slowest? Come find out as we'll warm up the radar gun and test out your theory! (If the grass is wet, this event will not be held)
Social Events 10:30am   Closing Ceremony
@The Brew and The Grey Tent