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Greyhounds in Gettysburg®
20th Annual Greyhounds in Gettysburg®
April 26th – April 29th, 2018 · 217 days until GiG!

About Gettysburg

Gettysburg Battlefield

The battle of Gettysburg occurred July 1-3, 1863.

The following provide additional online information on the battle.

Town of Gettysburg

The town of Gettysburg has a small town flavor. If you stay in town, you will find many people walking along the main tourism roads of Steinwehr Avenue and Baltimore Pike Road.

If you are interested in antiques or civil war memorabilia, you will find many stores to suit your desires.

Gettysburg Battlefields

Gettysburg National Military Park is part of the National Park System. It is a living history lesson, sight of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, made famous by Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Gettysburg - the town and the battlefield park - provide a landscape that is eerily unchanged from those scenes captured by the photography of Matthew Brady nearly 140 years ago. The National Park's features Visitor Center & Museum, some of the finest sculptures, as well as The Eisenhower National Historic Site.

Tick and Lyme Disease Notice from the National Park Service

"In natural areas such as Gettysburg National Military Park, caution must be maintained while walking through tall grasses and brush. Lyme Disease can be transmitted to humans after contact with an infected deer tick, a small species of tick common in Pennsylvania. Visitors who prefer to walk in such areas should be aware of this danger and be certain to examine their clothing for these parasites." See your vet about Tick prevention.


If you are one of the large group of people that have an mp3 player (like an iPod) then you will want to consider downloading a tour of the battlefield. The national park service in cooperation with Civil War Traveler magazine have produced free podcasts. The current podcasts include: