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Greyhounds in Gettysburg℠
19th Annual Greyhounds in Gettysburg℠
April 27th – April 30th, 2017 · 29 days until GiG!


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What's new:
This year we are allowing you to save on your registration by forfeiting goodie bags.
Each goodie bag you relinquish will save $5 on your registration.
This saves us money, so we are forwarding the savings to you!

Everybody that pre-registers will get a wristband that will let you attend all events, socials, and educational seminars. Goodie bags are also available to pre-registrants stuffed with information, discounts, freebies, and a premium item. Please review the schedule before registering for more details. Online registration ends April 13, 2017.

All registrations are required to pay within 2 weeks or the registration may be canceled.

To register or get a copy of your receipt, enter your email address:

Changes and Cancellations

Do you need to make a change to your registration? Contact Us