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April 25th – 28th, 2019

2018 Schedule

There will be a First Aid Station staffed by a vet or vet tech during vending hours, and an emergency vet clinic on call after hours.

What's new:
Wrist bands will be required to enter the activities area,
which includes listening to speakers.
Please remember to wear yours all weekend.
Wrist bands are provided at check-in with each registration.

Legend: Click to see more details, Dogs are welcome at this event


5:00p   Nostalgia Night Welcome Event
  @The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg
20 years ago a few friends got together in Gettysburg to socialize --GiG was born that weekend. Over the years, Kris Murgas and the Triangle Greyhound Society grew the event until 2013 when Nittany Greyhounds took over. So, on Thursday night we are going back to the days at the Outlet Shoppes!

Be sure to come early as the Outlet Shoppes will have special deals and incentives. The following is the full schedule:
5:00 - Free goodie bags will be handed out to guests provided by the Outlet Shoppes (while supplies last at the star on the map below)
5:15 - Parade lineup will start at the flag pole (depicted on the map below)
5:30 - Parade of groups featuring Kris and her group as Grand Marshals (following the red path on the map below)
6:00 - Free hot dog social at the pavilion (in the center of the main street)
6:45 - Free raffle drawing!

Adoption groups are invited to march, flying their colors and banners while leading their dogs. The group with the best presentation will take home a prize! Even if you don't have a group with which you closely affiliate, you are welcome to march in our parade as an independent... bring a flag, wear a hat, dress up your dog, carry balloons, whatever you want to do, you are welcome to participate!

This event will be held rain or shine, except in the event of a lightning storm.


8:00a 9:30a Historic Walk
  @Seminary Ridge Museum Walking Trail (111 Seminary Ridge)
"Confederates on the Ridge." This is an all-new talk this year at Seminary Ridge. This is an easy one-mile walk on a gently sloping trail. This walk includes a free museum pass for your use at any time throughout the weekend (dogs are not allowed in the museum though).
10:00a 4:00p Check-in
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Stop by the registration table and get your your goodie bag. Pre-registrants will also receive anything purchased at this time. Day-of registration will also be available for $35. We will have a limited supply of t-shirts and other custom GiG goodies available, but these items can only be guaranteed if you pre-order when registering.
10:00a 4:00p Vendor Shopping
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Your favorite vendors will be back along with a few new vendors selling a huge variety of canine and human items! Shopping closes promptly at 4pm.
Noon 4:00p Raffle Opens
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Wonderful prize packages will be up for raffle! Tickets will be drawn at 2pm on Saturday and posted at the raffle tables. Winners will have until 4pm on Saturday to pick up prizes. Raffle tickets will be available for sale during the event at the raffle table and when you register. The cost is 1 for $1 / 6 for $5 / 30 for $20.
Noon 12:45p Why Does My Hound Do THAT? Claudia Presto
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
They Sniff, Snort, Snuggle, Rooo, Roost, and Run... but WHY? We all know greyhounds are special, but their behaviors can sometimes cause you to hoot, head scratch, and holler. During this organic Q&A session, your question gets you a free "Why Does My Hound Do That?" booklet. Other prizes will be given out during the talk too, while supplies last. Come find out why your grey acts that way! Presented by Claudia Presto, Executive Director, Greyhound Gang, Kanab, UT.
1:00p 1:45p Your Greyhound's Second Career: Animal-Assisted Therapy Samantha Abate
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Help wanted! Hospitals, schools, and beyond are recognizing the incredible benefits therapy dogs can bring to those they serve. Your retired racing greyhound is perfect for the job! This session will highlight some of the outstanding contributions therapy dogs have made in recent years, cover the basics of becoming a registered therapy dog team, and review the many different "jobs" therapy dogs can have. Presented by Samantha Abate, BRN, Director of Nursing Quality & Research, Inspira Health Network.
2:00p 2:45p The Paranormal in Gettysburg Ashley Brennan
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Ashley will educate us on basic ghost hunting techniques and how to implement them toward investigating some of the most haunted spots in Gettysburg. What makes Gettysburg so haunted? What exactly are spirits and what evidence do they leave behind? Presented by Ashley Brennan, founder of Keystone Paranormal Investigation Association.
3:00p 3:45p DIY Canine Massage Basics and Other Modalities Robyn Boreman
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Come learn canine massage with Free Motion Animal Massage! This is hands on, so bring your dog!

Included in this class is:
• An introduction on what conditions massage therapy can help.
• An overview of kinesiology, red light therapy, and the use of essential oils for dogs.
• A basic anatomy lesson.
• Lesson on different strokes and techniques.

At the end of the class we will have a very hands on learning approach – where you will go through the full sequence of massage. Presented by Robyn Boreman, Certified Canine Massage Therapist, Lewistown, PA.
6:00p 7:30p Game Night: Know Your Neighbor! Bill Axell and Family
  @Eisenhower Hotel
We have heard people say that sometimes they come and don't know anyone so feel a little left out... well, this social is going to help you make friends to come back to every year! This is an evening of fun and games, all designed to help you interact with old friends and to meet new ones. For every game or activity you participate in, you will be given a free raffle ticket for a great prize that will be given at the end of the night. If there is a game with a defined winner or winning team, each member of that team will get an additional ticket. The grand prize will be drawn from all raffle tickets given during the evening.

Don't be a wallflower! Some of our speakers will be on hand, the GiG management team will be there, and there will be a cash bar. If you are new to GiG, you especially need to come and meet other participants. We're all here for the same reason and have the same common ground... greyhounds!
7:30p   Luminaries and Stories Around the Bonfire
  @Eisenhower Hotel Grounds
Follow the path of luminaries in remembrance of lost loved ones to the bonfire for an evening of stories. Bring a chair and drinks and join us by the fire. Please feel free to take you luminaries with you as a keepsake when you leave.

"Experience Gettysburg in 50 Objects." Steven Gunlock, Living Historian, will bring his historic perspective to our bonfire. Join him for an evening of riveting stories, told through 50 objects from Gettysburg's history.


8:00a 9:30a Civil War Tour
  @The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Emmitsburg, MD
Join us for an all new historic walk! This Shrine is literally 5 minutes south on Route 15, and is a special talk about the significance of the Shrine during the Civil War -- a story you haven't heard.

Please arrive at The Seton Shrine, 339 S. Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD, by 7:50am and meet your guide at the front door of the Visitor Center. You will be ushered inside (yes, with your dogs too) to the theater where you will view a 10-minute film; then you will go back outside for the Civil War Tour. This will take approximately an hour.
8:30a 10:30a Art Workshop Linda Evans
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Cafeteria
Linda will offer both beginning and advanced instruction in her style of painting. You will begin with a basic design and add your spin on it. Linda also promises something totally new for this year! See the flyer for more information about this year's workshop. The session has limited attendance and available for pre-registration only.
10:00a 4:00p Check-in and Raffle Continues
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Pre-registrants can check in at this time and get all the items purchased in advance. The raffle will continue and tickets will be for sale and can be put into bags for a chance at winning great prizes donated by our vendors.
10:00a 4:00p Vendor Shopping
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
The vendors will be open for business again! Shopping closes promptly at 4pm.
11:00a 11:45a Costume Contest and Parade
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Put on your best costume; dress up the hounds, and come to the entrance of the Activities Area for a line-up. We'll parade around the Expo Hall at 10:30am and end up at the Off Leash Play area for judging in several categories. There will be a $40 cash prize for the best in each category.

• Best Group Costumes (more than 3)
• Most Creative Costume
• Ugliest Costume (intentional)
Noon 12:45p Living the Farm Sanctuary Life Gene Baur
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Based on advice from his best selling novel, Gene discusses the cathartic belief of connecting our beliefs with our actions. His presentation will explore how individuals can be effective forces of change and compassion wherever they are on their personal journeys.

Gene Baur has been hailed as the "conscience of the food movement" by Time Magazine. He is a pioneer in the field of undercover investigations and farm animal rescue, spending his life advocating for better conditions for farm animals. His efforts have been covered nationally and he has published two best-selling books. He serves as President and Co-Founder of the Farm Sanctuary, the nation's leading farm animal protection organization, with shelters in New York and California and was recently named one of Oprah Winfrey's Supersoul 100 Givers.
1:00p 1:45p Choosing a Safe Dog Food (It's Harder Than You Think) Dana Scott
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Good nutrition is the foundation for good health. Yet most dog owners have no idea what they're feeding their dogs and how it can harm them. Learn how to unravel the mysteries of pet foods and why you should never again trust the pet food industry.

Dana Scott is the founder and CEO of Dogs Naturally Magazine, writer, Facebook influencer and keynote speaker. Dana also breeds naturally reared Labrador Retrievers. Dana has been interviewed on the ABC Good Morning Show, CBS, CBC, and CityNews, and was called a hipster by the National Post because of her stance against over-vaccination! Dana's mission is to help dog owners make healthier choices that positively impact veterinary medicine and the planet.
1:00p 3:00p Ice Cream Social Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue will host an ice cream social! Join us for some great ice cream (suitable for both you and your dog) and good company. This event is free, but donations are appreciated.

This event will be held outside near the food trucks.
2:00p 4:00p Raffle Ticket Winners Posted
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Winning numbers will be posted on the wall above the raffle prizes. You will have until 4pm to pick up your prizes.
2:00p 3:15p The Latest Immunotherapy Research & Treatment of Cancer in Greyhounds Dr. Nicola Mason, Ph.D.
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10. Currently, three main types of cancer treatment exist for dogs and cats – surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. These treatments are used either alone or in combination to eliminate cancer cells from the body.

Despite these treatments, some cancer cells usually survive leading to disease relapse or progression. Unfortunately, most patients usually die of relapsed, drug-resistant metastatic disease.

Another type of therapy that is rapidly gaining attention in the treatment of cancer in people is immunotherapy. In this therapeutic approach, the patient's own immune system is used to target and kill cancer cells in the body. Dr. Mason runs a translational research laboratory that focuses on ways to train the immune system to recognize and kill cancers in dogs, with exciting and ground-breaking results!

Presented by Dr. Nicola Mason, Ph.D., VBetMed, Associate Professor of Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Medicine, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.
3:30p 4:00p The Greyhound Health Initiative and You Brian Collins
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
The Greyhound Health Initiative was founded as a nonprofit to continue Dr. Couto's Greyhound wellness programs after his retirement from OSU where he had created them. Brian will be speaking about GHI's mission and why is is so vitally important to adopters and veterinarians around the world, relaying details about the "Greyhound bleeding disorder", ongoing SDMA research efforts, corns, GHI's programs, canine blood bank, benefits to joining GHI and more. Please join him for this informative and entertaining presentation.

Brian Collins has been the Executive Director of The Greyhound Health Initiative almost since its very beginning in 2014. He and his wife, Suzie, have been active in the Greyhound community since adopting their first retired racer, Nellie, in 2002. But it wasn't until a couple of years later when they got their first osteosarcoma diagnosis that they met Dr. Guillermo Couto at Ohio State University and found out that what they had adopted was not a regular dog. Over the next decade as they adopted six more retired racers they made many more trips to OSU for two more osteosarcoma diagnoses, one "enlarged heart with a severe murmur" scare (turned out to be just a greyhound thing), and several other "greyhound idiosyncrasies," they became increasingly familiar with Dr. Couto's research into Greyhound physiology and had the opportunity to hear him speak on the topic many times. When Dr. Couto retired from OSU and made it known that he wanted to continue his work, Brian jumped at the opportunity to be part of it. Currently both Brian and Suzie dedicate much of their time to helping The Greyhound health Initiative while taking care of their three retired racers; Isabelle (12), Petey (11) and Zin (3).
6:00p 8:00p General Reception
  @Eisenhower Hotel Pool Area
7:00p   Champagne Banquet and Keynote Speakers Senator Alloway and Dr. Martin Goldstein
  @Eisenhower Hotel Grand Ballroom
The 20th anniversary banquet will consist of stations this year with more options and a free glass of champagne will be included with each meal. Our guest speakers will be Senator Alloway and Dr. Martin Goldstein.

Senator Richard Alloway of the 33rd District (Adams, Cumberland, Franklin & York Counties) and co-author of Pennsylvania's Comprehensive Animal Cruelty Act (Libre's Law), which was signed into law in summer of 2017. Libre, a Boston Terrier, was rescued at 4-months old from an Amish dog breeder who had left him for dead. Libre suffered from a host of ailments but has recovered and is in a new home. His rescue drew national attention and inspired the effort to write a law guaranteeing the rights of animals in Pennsylvania. Senator Richard Alloway's biography.

Dr. Marty is considered by many experts, and thousands of satisfied clients, to be America's foremost integrative veterinarian. The results he has achieved have been so astounding that today critically ill dogs and cats from all over the world are brought to Smith Ridge Veterinary Center where doctors trained by Dr. Marty give these animals a new chance at life and health. Many people who arrive have exhausted all of the available conventional treatment options and are faced with a very sick pet who is only getting worse; others are true-believers in a integrative-only approach to maintaining their animal's health or treating their malady.

The full menu:
Appetizer station: Cheeses, Veggies, Fruit, Meatballs, Mini-Tacos, Assorted Deep Fried Veggies/Cheese Sticks
Soup station: Chicken Noodle soup, Vegetable soup, Crackers
Chef-carved meat station: Steamship Round of Beef, Ham, Silver Dollar Rolls, Condiments
Potato bar: Mashed potatoes, Baked potatoes, French Fries, Sour Cream, Butter, Chives, Bacon Bits, Shredded Cheese, Gravy, Jalapenos, Broccoli, Chili, Salsa
Vegetarian bar: Mac & Cheese, Baked Ziti, Tortellini Alfredo
Dessert bar: Pies, Cakes, Cheese Cakes

Dogs are not allowed at the banquet and there will be no dog-sitting.


10:00a 3:00p Check-in Continues
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
Pre-registrants can check in at this time and get all the items purchased in advance.
10:00a 2:00p Silent Auction
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
A few select art pieces designed specifically for this 20th Anniversary year of Greyhounds in Gettysburg will be available to bid on. Highest bidders win!
10:00a 3:00p Vendor Shopping
  @Allstar Family Fun Center
The vendors will be open for business one last time. Shopping closes promptly at 3pm.
11:00a 1:00p Before the Couch: A Panel Discussion Industry Professionals
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Panel Members:
• Shelley Lake, DVM, Abilene (Kansas) Adoption Coordinator
• Randy Finnegan, Owner, Magic City Kennel at Southland and Dream Kennels Greyhounds
• Julia Ward, President of the National Greyhound Association
• Jenn Boswell, Director of Adoption, Birmingham (Alabama) Race Course, Trainer, and Road Warrior

We have invited prominent members of the greyhound racing industry to help us understand the lives of our greys while they are working and before they enter the adoption world. Each member will be asked to speak about their role in the dogs' lives, followed by a Q&A session. During the event and prior to Sunday, write your questions onto cards and submit them for asking.
1:30p 3:00p Blur of Fur Speed Run
  @Off-Leash Play Area
Come get your dog clocked to see how fast they really are! Prizes awarded for fastest and slowest dogs! The Off Leash Play Area will be closed during the speed run.

This event will not be held if the grass is wet.
3:00p   Memorial and Closing Ceremony God's Greyts
  @Allstar Outdoor Pavilion

Entire Event

1 on 1 with Doggie 911 Bob Witmer
  During vending hours, Bob Witmer, of Doggie 911 and staff behaviorist for Nittany Greyhounds, will have 30 minute no charge consultations with individuals or rescue groups every hour to discuss behavior issues and develop a plan to address them. Registered participants may signup at the registration table. There are a limited number of sessions available.
Doggie Daycare Sighthound Underground
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Batting Cages
The Sighthound Underground will provide supervised doggie daycare during vending hours on Friday and Saturday. Muzzles will be required for the dogs and there is a 2 hour time limit so everybody can have an opportunity. Doggies daycare is free, but donations are always appreciated.
  @Allstar Family Fun Center Activities Area
Houndstooth, a non-anesthetic teeth cleaning service, will have a clinic. If you would like an appointment, email their office at or call 310.835.1919. The fee is $160-$180 depending on the oral condition. Payment is check or cash and appointments take 20-30 minutes. Go to their website,, for more information about this anesthetic free teeth cleaning.
Off-Leash Play Area
  There will be a fenced area in the open field behind the Allstar Family Fun Center for off-leash play all weekend for large and small dogs.

Please observe the posted rules while using the play area. Volunteers will conduct random checks to ensure that all visitors are being considerate in the play area. We take reports of inappropriate behavior from either dogs or humans in the play groups seriously, and reserve the right to remove anyone who is creating an unsafe or uncomfortable environment.

• Use of play area is at your own risk
• All dogs must be muzzled. No exceptions, regardless of breed
• Dogs must be under visual and voice control of an adult
• No bullying or aggressive behavior
• No dogs under 35 lbs. during regular hours
• Limited to 10 dogs at a time
• Clean up after your dog immediately

Small dog hours will be posted on the fence during the event. The play area will be closed on Sunday for the Blur of Fur Speed Run.
Paranormal Investigation
  Interested in what it's like to be a paranormal investigator? Ever wonder what really else is out there? Come investigate two of the most haunted spots in Gettysburg with the professionals! Investigate with K.P.I.A. to explore some of Gettysburg's hot spots for paranormal activity with all of the latest equipment seen on all of the hit TV shows. Forget all of Gettysburg's notorious walk-and-talks about the ghosts of the town and experience them firsthand for yourself at The Grove: a site that's seen more death and darkness than imaginable, and at Sach's Bridge: the famous covered bridge known for its extreme activity and not-so-innocent past. Both of our locations are outdoors so please dress accordingly and wear comfortable shoes. This is a dog-friendly investigation and we encourage you to bring your furry friend along if they can get along with others! Because of the nature of paranormal investigations, ages 16 and older please. Since travel is involved, please have your own vehicle.

Investigations offered:
Friday, April 27th: 8pm to 10pm, 10:30pm to 12:30am
Saturday, April 28th: 8pm to 10pm, 10:30pm to 12:30am

$25/person - no refunds, weather permitting. Call (717) 420-5534 to reserve your spot (all credit cards accepted or cash). Meet behind Mr. G's Ice Cream in the parking lot.
Poop Stations
  We will have several dog walk areas around the outside of the Allstar Family Fun Center and the Eisenhower hotel that will be cleaned on a regular basis. You will be given poop bags with your registration, but there will also be rolls of them everywhere.

Please, please clean up after your dogs. This is vitally important if we are to be welcomed back. Also, please try to walk your dogs outside so they do their business before coming into the Expo Center and/or hotel. We will have clean-up crews but they can't be everywhere at once.

We're depending on you to pay attention to what your dog is doing. If you are staying at another hotel, and you see someone else being inconsiderate, please clean up after them. We want to leave only a good impression no matter where we are in town.